Looking for a second opinion for your child’s dental needs?

Dr. Tran Dental office Image of kid

As a parent, you want the best care possible for your child. Dr. Tran understands dental procedures can be crucial to your child’s oral health and that is why we offer a free second opinion.

Is a procedure necessary?

Are you questioning a procedure another dentist is saying must be preformed on your child? We get this question a lot! Maybe you are thinking the effected tooth will fall out before it damages another tooth or gums. Dr. Tran and his team can help determine id a procedure is necessary.

Here are some questions Dr. Tran can answer with a free second opinion:

  • What is your treatment or procedure recommendation?
  • How does this compare to what the other dentist recommended for me? 
  • Are there other options for me to consider?
  • What is the cost of this procedure?
  • What are the risks/rewards if I were to pursue this dental treatment?
  • How immediate is the need? 
  • If I put off this procedure, what short- and long-term consequences may I experience?