Kids' Emergency Dentist

No one wants to think about worst-case scenarios, especially regarding your kids. Thankfully, emergency pediatric dentists are there to help in case of an emergency. We discuss some of the more common pediatric dental emergencies and what to do before you visit your kids’ emergency dentist. Remember: dial 9-1-1 and visit your local emergency room for medical non-dental emergencies. If you have an emergency that could be considered medical and dental, see a doctor or call 9-1-1 immediately. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the topic. 

Examples of Dental Emergencies

Children are danger-prone. It comes as part of learning about the world around them and having a lot of energy. Some of the most common dental emergencies come from exploration and “goofing off,” like knocking out permanent teeth. If your child knocks out an adult tooth, have them put it in milk or an ADA-approved tooth preserver to save it while you go to the emergency dentist.

Similarly to a knocked-out tooth, a chipped or cracked tooth is also a reason to visit a pediatric emergency dentist. Preserve the chipped-off portion of a tooth the same way you would a lost adult tooth, and be sure to visit a kids’ emergency dentist as soon as possible. You can use a cold compress like ice or frozen peas (wrapped in fabric to keep from getting too cold) to keep down swelling. Tell your emergency dentist if you give your child any over-the-counter pain medication when you arrive.

Other kids’ dental emergencies include a lost filling or broken braces bracket digging into part of their mouth. If your child dislodges or breaks part of their orthodontics, it’s important to fix this as soon as possible. Use dental floss to try and remove the object if your child gets something stuck in their teeth. However, be sure to never use anything sharp or pointed. If the object remains, it’s time to visit the dentist. 

Of course, suppose your child shows signs of dental infection, including swelling, pain, a bad taste in the mouth, pus, or other symptoms. In that case, it’s important to visit an emergency dentist immediately, as this can lead to more severe dental problems and cause discomfort for your child. 

How to Prevent Kids’ Dental Injury

Ensure your child understands that they should only use their teeth to eat. Teach them not to chew hard objects like ice, popcorn kernels, candy, or anything not food, as this can lead to dental damage. Ensure your child has a dentist-approved mouthguard for sports, skateboarding, roller skating, and more, as this can protect them from serious dental damage. If you’re unsure if something is a dental emergency, call your pediatric dental office as soon as possible, as they can advise you on the best course of action.

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