Flossing your child’s teeth is important as long as they have two teeth that touch. In most cases, this will be between the ages of 2 to 3. Flossing helps you reach the parts of your kid’s teeth that a toothbrush can’t reach. It also helps eliminate plaque buildup, thus preventing gum disease and tooth decay.

Observing the best oral health habits with your kid can help strengthen their teeth and gum line. Over time, your kid can learn how to brush and floss their teeth by themselves. Read on to learn about the top benefits of flossing.

Prevents Gum Disease

One sign of gum disease is inflammation around the gums. Your kid’s gums can also bleed when you floss or brush their teeth. If not treated, your kid can end up with a more severe infection that can cause the gums to pull away from their teeth. Brushing your child’s teeth twice a day and flossing them once a day can help reduce the risk of gum disease. Besides, it’s advisable to frequently take them for professional cleanings to a pediatric dentist to keep their gums healthy.

Can Help Prevent Heart Disease

Research shows that flossing benefits extend beyond the teeth and gums. Flossing can play a crucial bit in preventing heart disease. One of the least severe gum diseases is gingivitis, which has symptoms like irritation, swelling, and redness of the gums. If untreated, it can become periodontitis, leading to tooth loss. It can also increase the risk of a stroke or heart attack. That’s because the bacteria from your tooth rot can enter your bloodstream and travel to other body parts.

Helps Prevent Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can lead to cavities that create a tiny hole or crack on the tooth’s hard surface. Although the decay takes time, the more plaque your child has on their enamel can increase the risk of tooth decay. Flossing between the teeth daily can eliminate any hidden foods and plaque buildup, thus reducing the chances of tooth decay.

Improves Tooth Appearance

There is always a correlation between your child’s self-confidence and their smile. Having a great smile can help them get along with other kids or make amazing first impressions. Flossing can help prevent bad breath and give your kid a great teeth appearance. In return, they can keep their smile for a long time.

Keeps You From Seeing the Dentist More Than Necessary

Gum disease, tooth decay, or overwhelming plaque can lead to frequent dentist visits. To avoid all this, it’s advisable to practice brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. With clean teeth, your kid will only require visiting the dentist after six months for professional cleaning.

The best thing about flossing is that it’s never too late to begin. Besides, you can let your child pick the flavor they prefer, thus making the process fun. Also, remember to focus on establishing a routine by finding a time that works for your child. 

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