Avoid Early Childhood Cavities (ECC)

Did you know that early childhood cavities (ECC) are the most common long-term disease in children? Tooth decay hurts five times as many kids as asthma, four times as many as being overweight as a young child, and twenty times as many as having diabetes as a child.

Tooth decay doesn’t just happen to kids in school. ECC can start as early as 6 months old and cause your child a lot of pain. In fact, so many kids have dental problems that the American Dental Association (ADA) has made February National Children’s Dental Health Month.

Viet Tran, DDS, and Mark Salerno and, DDS, and the rest of the team at Smile First Pediatric Dentistry, which is located in Oakdale, NY, are committed to helping families in New York keep their kids’ teeth healthy.

The following are the top Preventative Dentistry measures we take at Smile First Pediatric Dentistry:

Fluoride treatments

Even if you already give your child fluoride toothpaste, it may not be enough to protect their teeth. Teeth lose some of their enamel coating every day. Fluoride is a mineral that helps strengthen enamel and can even fix damage done to teeth early on. Because fluoride is so good for your teeth, it is often added to public water supplies.

But fluoride toothpaste and tap water may not be enough to keep cavities from happening in young children. There have been many studies that show how important fluoride treatments from the dentist are for preventing tooth decay. Fluoride treatments given early on can also help keep permanent teeth safe.

Fluoride treatments are especially important if your tap water doesn’t have fluoride in it or if your child is more likely to get cavities because of how they live or their health. Dr. Viet Tran and Dr. Mark Salerno are happy to talk with you about any questions or worries you may have about this treatment, which is safe and works well.


Sealants are thin layers of plastic that Dr. Tran and Dr. Salerno can put on your child’s back molars to fill in the hard-to-reach grooves and nooks where more than 90% of cavities happen. This important treatment keeps cavities from forming, which is good for your oral health in the long run. Sealants don’t hurt, and they only take a few minutes to put on.

The CDC says that sealants can stop more than 80% of cavities from happening. Sealants can be put on early by Dr. Tran and Dr. Salerno, usually by the age of 6 when molars come in. When their baby teeth fall out, he can also put sealants on their adult teeth.

Get Professional Dental Exams and Cleanings on a Regular Basis

Even though it’s easy to think that your baby or young child doesn’t need regular dental exams and cleanings because they only have a few teeth, making and keeping dentist appointments for your child is one of the most important preventive steps you can take to help ensure their best oral health.

The American Dental Association says that all children should have regular checkups and cleanings by their first birthday or when their first tooth comes in. Dr. Tran and Dr. Salerno will be able to check on your child’s dental health and give important preventive treatments like sealants and fluoride at these important appointments.

Why Regular Dental Appointments for Kids are so Important!

When your child goes to the dentist regularly, even when there aren’t any big problems, it keeps away the fear or anxiety that often comes with going to the dentist. What happened? A healthy relationship with dentistry that lasts a lifetime and better oral health that lasts.

It’s never too early to take good care of your teeth.

The healthier your child’s teeth and gums will be for life, the sooner they start going to the dentist regularly and taking good care of their mouth. These preventive treatments and habits help stop tooth decay before it starts, and children who have healthy mouths learn to eat, speak, and smile with ease and confidence.