Although fluoride is essential for healthy teeth, most people do not consume enough of this naturally occurring mineral. Children especially need an adequate amount of fluoride as their teeth develop. People of all ages rely on the mineral to help prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is available through drinking water. However, most people do not drink enough water daily to consume the recommended amount of fluoride.

Smile First Pediatric Dentistry Recommends Fluoride Treatments for Most Children

We like to see strong, healthy teeth. Even though a child’s primary set of teeth fall out, caring for them is just as important as caring for the teeth that replace them. Unfortunately, poor oral health during childhood can set the stage for future dental problems. Our dentists know that each child is unique, so we refrain from making general recommendations for all children. We always check the health of each child’s teeth before speaking to parents about a fluoride treatment.

How Fluoride Helps to Strengthen Teeth

Enamel is the protective outer layer present on our teeth. This normally does a good job in keeping them healthy. However, modern diets contain a lot of acid that can damage tooth enamel. Acid is especially prevalent in citrus fruits and sodas. When sugar remains on teeth for too long, acid then attacks tooth enamel. This causes the decay that leads to cavities.

Increasing your child’s fluoride intake helps to crystalize the structure of tooth enamel. This creates a stronger barrier against decay. Fluoride has even proven itself useful in preventing small cavities from progressing into larger ones. We take the time to ensure that your child receives just the right amount of fluoride.

Our Staff is Here to Answer Your Questions About Pediatric Dentistry

We understands that parents need support to ensure that their children develop and maintain positive oral health. Whether you have questions about fluoride, healthy snacks for kids, brushing and flossing, or another common concern, our staff is here to help. Feel free to contact Smile First Pediatric Dentistry at 631-563-7462. You can also schedule an appointment online.