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Many people are nervous when they first go to the dentist; the same goes for kids. Dental visits can be scary for kids, especially with all the noises and equipment. Unfortunately, when it comes to getting a tooth extraction, it’s normal for you to be nervous. The same goes for your kids. Thankfully, getting a tooth extraction is an easy, painless process. Your dental team will work to make the tooth extraction as smooth as possible for you and your child and ensure the best dental care possible.

Is a Tooth Extraction Painful?

For people with infected teeth, tooth extraction can help reduce their pain significantly. The procedure is painless thanks to numbing agents like Novocain and mild sedatives like nitrous oxide (also called laughing gas). If your child is nervous, oral sedation may be used to help relax your child. This also makes things easier for the dental team. 

While your child will be sore after tooth extraction, they are unlikely to feel any pain during the procedure. Over-the-counter pain medications can help relieve the soreness. Be sure to follow all care instructions from your dental team after you leave the office to ensure the extraction site heals well. 

What if My Child is Nervous About Tooth Extraction? 

tooth extraction for kids

Your dental team will work with you and your child to explain everything they should expect at their appointment, including all the tools they’re using and why they need to remove their tooth. If your child is overly nervous, an oral sedative may be used to help them relax and to make the entire process quicker. Explaining that the dental team is there to help your child and that they won’t feel any pain when the tooth is removed can help calm them. You can also allow your child to bring a comfortable stuffed animal or another object to help make their dental visit easier. 

What to Expect from a Child Tooth Extraction

Your dental team will explain what to expect from an extraction visit, especially if multiple teeth need to be removed. In most cases, your dental team will examine the mouth and prepare your child for having their tooth extracted. Any sedatives or numbing agents will be applied first, followed by the removal of the tooth

After the tooth removal, follow the dentist’s instructions to avoid infection and ensure the extraction site heals well. Your dentist will have specific food restrictions for your child to follow for their comfort and health, so be sure to pay attention and ask clarifying questions. Of course, if you have any other questions, you can always call your dental team to find out more.

While going to the dentist can be anxiety-inducing for children, it doesn’t have to be. Here at Smile First Pediatric Dentistry, we work hard to foster a caring, supportive environment to foster lifelong dental health in our patients. Call our office today at (631) 563-7462 to book an appointment in the Oakdale, NY area.