dental x-rays

X-rays are a powerful diagnostic tool for both dentists and medical professionals alike. However, some parents have hesitations about their child being exposed to x-rays. This article discusses how dental x-rays are safe for you and your child. Our staff works diligently to protect your child while providing professional, comprehensive pediatric dental care. 

Are Dental X-Rays Necessary?

In short, yes, dental x-rays are a necessary diagnostic tool for pediatric dentists, as well as other dental practitioners. Dental x-rays allow your dental team to notice potential health issues early on. This allows us to treat any problems at the source. For example, dental x-rays can alert your dentist to jaw issues, tooth crowding, dental impaction, and rarer dental issues like mouth cancers

Without dental x-rays, much of dentistry would become reactionary. This means your dental team could not head off dental issues before they become severe. Instead, dental x-rays give professionals a heads-up about potential dental problems before they become serious. For pediatric patients, dental x-rays can alert dentists to how adult teeth will grow in and allow them to head off any impaction or dental crowding before it becomes severe. 

Will X-Rays Hurt My Child?

Dental x-rays involve such a small amount of radiation that it is a negligible source of radiation exposure. On top of this, our team uses the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) practice for dental x-rays. This means we use the lowest, most targeted x-ray system available to lower your overall exposure. 

We also use all forms of protective gear necessary to protect your child’s thyroids and other sensitive organs from potential x-ray exposure, using protective vests and collars to reduce overall exposure. 

X-Ray Technology Advancements

X-ray technology has come a long way since its discovery. Modern x-ray machines are smaller, hand-held, and use targeted systems to reduce overall radiation exposure. In most cases, we use hand-held x-ray machines that can directly pinpoint one area of your mouth while reducing exposure to stray radiation. If a full x-ray is needed, we use specialized x-ray technology to quickly process the image without exposing your child to further radiation. 

Visiting the dentist is crucial to your child’s dental health. Routine dental x-rays benefit the dental diagnosis and dental health treatment. Using specialized, top-of-the-line x-ray technology to get the most precise imaging possible, we reduce the overall risk of exposure and ensure your child receives the best dental care possible.

Here at Smile First Pediatric Dentistry, we know caring for your child’s health is a full-time job. So we work closely with parents to provide a safe, nurturing environment that benefits our patients and their families. Caring for your child’s dental health shouldn’t be a source of added stress, which is why our professional team of accredited dental care specialists works diligently to provide the safest, top-of-the-line care options for children of all ages. To find out more about our practice, or to make an appointment, call us today at (631) 563-7462