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Teaching kids to brush their teeth is important to maintaining their dental health. However, we all know that standing there and brushing your teeth for two minutes is far from fun. Here are four ways to make brushing fun for kids of all ages and ways to help kids develop healthy brushing habits at a young age. 

  1. Use Fun Toothpaste

Plenty of fun toothpaste flavors are out there, from bubble gum and strawberry to cinnamon and mint. If your child doesn’t like mint toothpaste, try buying a more fun flavor. These toothpastes come in fun colors like pink, and having tasty toothpaste can help make brushing a much more enjoyable experience. 

Suppose your child is incredibly picky about flavor. In that case, you can also find fluoridated toothpaste that’s taste-neutral, so you don’t have to worry about finding a toothpaste they like the taste of. You can even try out other toothpaste styles, including tablets if your child doesn’t like the texture of normal toothpaste. 

Remember, the goal is to get your child to learn to clean their teeth, so working with them to find a dental cleaning option that works for them can remove some of the struggles around brushing their teeth. 

  1. Use Character Toothbrushes

Young children are more likely to want to brush their teeth if they have a fun, colorful toothbrush. You can get electric toothbrushes that have their favorite TV show characters on them or invest in sparkly glitter toothbrushes. Whatever kind of toothbrush they like best, that’s the best option for them. While you should pay attention to the type of toothbrush (and look for a soft, child-friendly design), getting character toothbrushes can be a great way to get children excited to brush their teeth. 

  1. Use a Chore Chart with Stickers

Getting your child to brush their teeth twice daily can be a hassle. That’s why incentivizing your child to brush their teeth can be a great solution to kids avoiding dental cleaning. Making a chore chart with stickers or other rewards can incentivize your child to brush their teeth, teaching them lifelong habits that will help them maintain their teeth as they age. 

You can also include different rewards, such as a trip to the park if they brush their teeth every day for a week or make brushing their teeth part of how they earn allowance. No matter how you incentivize it, giving your child a reason to be excited about brushing their teeth can turn a daily struggle into a reliable routine. 

  1. Brush to Music

Brushing your teeth for two minutes twice a day can be a struggle for adults and children. One way to get your children into the habit of brushing for two minutes is to play fun music while they brush their teeth. Letting them listen to their favorite songs while brushing not only teaches them how long to brush their teeth but also gets them excited to brush their teeth. You can mix up what songs they listen to during the morning and evening and even rotate out some of their favorite songs, so brushing their teeth is always a fun experience.

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